Becky Bettesworth

We are excited to welcome renowned artist Becky Bettesworth to be our Judge this year at Young Art Devon.

I live in Torquay with my husband, three children and Squiggle our golden retriever dog.   I adore living close to the sea and as a family we love exploring the coasts of North and South Devon, Cornwall and Dorset.  We enjoy walking, surfing and paddle boarding with picnics and BBQs on the beach.  These are stunning counties with an abundance of beautiful beaches, breath-taking coastlines, villages and towns.

Becky Magazine Pic

I started creating this range of artwork when I was lucky to be asked to exhibit at Greenway, Agatha Christie’s former residence on the edge of the River Dart.   It is a stunning, magical, enchanted spot and I thought a modern day take of the old railway posters would lend itself so perfectly to Greenway.  This proved to be a perfect match and I was soon asked if I could supply my prints to the National Trust shop and so my portfolio started to blossom and grow.

Using my surroundings as inspiration I started to create more pictures of the local area.   My artwork has come from my love of the old 1930’s railway/travel posters.  The old original posters are design classics from a bygone era, depicting a romantic past.  I want my pictures to carry these sentiments and emotions but in a modern fresh way.

When creating new artwork, I visit the place first to get a sense and feel of it.  I take photos, do some sketches and then construct my art so that the composition is perfect.   This is done by sometimes striping away a lot of detail and simplifying the view so that the image is uncluttered and uncomplicated.  I feel the theory of less is more can really work.   The angle and perspective may need to be adapted, so that it isn’t necessarily true to life but the essence of the picture is true to the place.  The finished picture is created on the computer, where I draw layers and layers of paths on top of each other, similar to the traditional technique of silk screening, which is how many of the original pictures were created.  I feel that I am creating my artwork using photoshop which is a modern equivalent of this old technique, the principals are exactly the same using block colour to produce a very graphic style.

My pictures have been used as advertising posters on the London Underground, and I have been linked with Thompson Holidays, Ladybird books, BlueChip Holidays and Linden Homes.

My work has been displayed at many UK events and has been featured in several national home magazines including Ideal Homes, Country Living and Homes and Gardens.  My work has also been commissioned by Penguin Books for their best-selling book series the Darling Buds of May and Lionsgate UK for the award-winning film On Chesil Beach.

I have launched a new Special Collection range   I am also working on a very special Limited Edition Collection which I am very excited about.  I will also continue to create and add to my Seaside Travel Poster Collection.

Becky’s art can be bought direct from her website and is also available from various shops around the country.  A full list can be found on her website.

Beck Carey Arms

With Becky’s brand continuing to grow and be a success she has launched a Tea Towel Gift Set which is available on her website and shops that stock her brand.

Becky’s prints are also produced as greetings cards, chocolate bars, calendars and diaries.